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To be where the world goes to safely engage in and profit from financial markets.


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Although there is no typical profile for what makes a successful trader, my path was certainly not a traditional one. Having grown up in rural Nebraska, there wasn’t much opportunity in my town outside of skilled labor, farming and meatpacking.

I always had larger aspirations. I dreamed of moving to a city where I could make something of myself, where my success or failure was dependent upon my own skill and effort. As a teenager watching the movie “Trading Places”, I knew that Chicago and trading were the opportunity for me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a finance background or know a soul in trading, but I was determined. After saving up my hard earned money, I moved to Chicago in my early twenties to pursue my dream. By the time I was 24 years old, I had lost it all – $90,000 to be exact. I took a step back and realized I needed to safely develop my trading strategy without risking any more capital. I spent 6 months trading on a simulated account, following simple risk parameters and trading rules. Only after I proved to myself that I could consistently make money each day did I put risk back on.

I went on to routinely average 6-figure profits each year, including a best day of $33,000.*

TopstepTrader is the solution to an outdated, inefficient industry. Before TopstepTrader, your only options were to go it alone by risking thousands of dollars in a brokerage account, or spend thousands on trading education relying on theory and not experience.

Now, after you safely develop in and complete our program, like 1,000+ traders already have, you are rewarded with a fully Funded Account®.

Trade well and always trade for tomorrow,


Michael Patak Founder and CVO

*These results should be considered hypothetical. Claims are not verified and should not be expected to be replicated by any trader in the future.

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