How It Works

The Trading Combine® is a real-time simulated futures account where your trading is evaluated across two steps for the opportunity to get funded with our capital.

Once you reach the Profit Target without breaking any rules, your Funded Account will be waiting.

Step 1.
Prove you can profit

Demonstrate that you have a winning strategy for the futures market.

Step 2.
Show you can manage risk

Establish consistency with your trading style to prove our capital is safe in your hands.

Earn your funded account!

You keep your first $5,000 in profits and 80% after that!

Complete Trading Combine
Earn Funded Account
Pass the Two-Step Evaluation
Our process is designed to demonstrate consistency and guide you towards a Funded Account.
Account Parameters
Step 1
Prove Profitability
Step 2
Manage Risk
What to Expect
  • Industry Best Profit Split
    Keep your first $5,000 in
    profits, and 80% thereafter.
  • Trade Additional Products
    Expand the products you can
    trade to include EUREX products.
  • Receive your Profits
    Withdraw at any time. Wire fee waived for withdrawals over
    $500. Learn more
  • Industry Low Commissions
    Trade on a Funded Account with NO commissions using TSTrader® or commissions as low as $0.53 per contract on other trading platforms.
All accounts have a starting balance of $0, and buying power is determined by this scaling plan. Funded Traders must adhere to these rules. Funded traders are responsible for the data fee cost charged by the exchange, as well as exchange and regulatory fees. Individuals that have been convicted of a violent crime or disciplined by the NFA or CFTC are not eligible for a Funded Account. Outstanding debts with a clearing firm may also affect eligibility. More information →
traders have traded our capital.
Jonathan S.
I have been here pretty much since the beginning, best thing going there is. No prop firm will even give close to what TopstepTrader gives. Take advantage of it.

Your Funded Account is waiting.

Prove you deserve it.

Your Funded Account is waiting.
Prove you deserve it.

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